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FBC exists to serve the men and women of Freedom Church who are sensing a call to more effective leadership by providing foundational training in theology and leadership. Our emphasis is on providing accessible, affordable, and applicable training that will prepare leaders for greater effectiveness in whatever areas of ministry they sense God’s assignment.

  • Accessible: intensive-type schedules with one-night-a-week courses and weekend seminars.
  • Affordable: modest tuition fees plus reasonable materials costs
  • Applicable: practical training and personal mentoring with application to ministry.

FBC takes place on Monday nights at the Freedom Center at 7:00PM and is made up of three semesters that are 10 weeks long (fall, spring, summer.) Each semester includes 5 weeks of theology classes and 5 weeks of leadership classes for a total program of 6 classes equivalent to 27 units.

Our goal is that every student would graduate all three semesters in 12 months and receive a Level One Certification in “Theology and Leadership.” This certification is not directly transferable in degree completion, but FBC maintains a relationship with LIFE Pacific University (San Dimas, California) and The King’s University (Southlake, Texas). Specific details and requirements are handled case-by-case basis.

Tuition and Fees

Credit student tuition

  • Full year           $1500.00
  • Installments*

Fall (8.5 units)  472.00

Winter (9 units)  500 .00

Spring (9.5 units)   528 .00

*Payments can be divided into 2-3 payments over the trimester