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Sunday, Aug 12 is the last week before the new school year begins. With your help, we want to give away 1,000 pairs of brand new shoes to under-resourced families and students experiencing homelessness.

First come, first serve. One pair per student. All shoes will be given out before each service. No strings attached.

Did you know?

–  In LA there are over 5,000 kids under the age of 18 living unhoused
– LAUSD has more unhoused students than many school districts have in total enrollment.
– The average American parent spends an average of $126.23 per household per year on “back to school” shoes.
– Compared to non-homeless students, homeless kids without access to adequate “back to school” supplies are more likely to be held back from grade to grade, be chronically absent, fail courses, and drop out of school.
– The number of unhoused minors is rising in LA (Up 2%)

1 pair of shoes = $35


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