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Leaders Track is for those who want to take seriously the influence God has given them. God doesn’t just want to do stuff in your life, but through your life! That great plan is often connected to how you grow in leadership and stewarding what God has given you. 

5 reasons Leader’s Track is for YOU.

  1.  You are a leader. You are made in the image of God and Jesus is the greatest leader. These sessions are designed to help you grow to be more like Him. Everyone struggles with leadership insecurity, but when you become more secure in Christ, He will trust you with great purpose.
  2.  You are called to make disciples. Jesus has given us all a great commission to make disciples, show others His ways, and baptize in His name. There is nothing more exciting than realizing that your life is meant to make a difference.
  3. You have a story to offer. Your life has been full of struggles and victories and God is helping you become an overcomer. When you learn how to recognize and steward those testimonies, He can work through your story to impact others for His glory.
  4. You have talents and strengths to help you. Week three of Leaders Track will include a deep dive into your top 5 greatest strengths. Maria and I have done this training with hundreds of leaders and we know that helping you discover and maximize your strengths will be a total game changer in your growth as a leader.
  5. You are a member of the Body of Christ. The scriptures says that we must take responsibility for being members of God’s family and the Body of Christ. Do you know where you fit in God’s plan? He has made a place for you to be effective and thrive in your calling.

9AM | 10:30AM | 12PM PST