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November 8-9, 2019

Man Camp is going to be nuts this year. 7 churches are coming together to throw this two day retreat November 8-9 and the guys of Freedom Church are going to represent our tribe! We have less than 100 spots available, so register today. This retreat will be life changing, so forget your excuses.

Typical dude excuses:
I don’t know anyone at church
Bro… thats why we do these things! Your’e gonna meet rad guys and have a blast.

San Diego is too far away
Bro… we are all caravanning together, don’t be a wuss. Also, if you ride motorcycles there is a whole crew riding down there on their bikes if you wanna join up.

$99 is a lot of money
Bro… you honestly can’t put a price on this life changing retreat. Everything is covered: activities, food, t-shirt, pocket knife, merch… all sorts of stuff. Maybe even a flame thrower. Not sure though.

We only have spots for 100 guys. Sign up today so we can start working on the bunk buddies situations.

9AM | 10:30AM | 12PM PST