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FBC exists to serve the men and women of Freedom Church who are answering the call to deeper
discipleship by providing foundational training in biblical study, theology, ministry, and leadership. Our
emphasis is on providing accessible, affordable, and applicable training that will prepare students for
greater effectiveness in whatever areas of ministry they sense God’s assignment.

  • Accessible: intensive-type schedules with one-night-a-week courses and weekend seminars.
  • Affordable: modest tuition fees plus reasonable materials costs
  • Applicable: practical training and personal mentoring with application to ministry.

FBC operates on an intensive trimester schedule, with each trimester composed of two five session
classes. (The number class offered can change based on the school calendar.) Trimesters are scheduled
for Winter, Spring and Fall FBC classes are held on Monday nights beginning with worship at 6:45pm,
and the instructional time from 7-9 pm. We are pleased to continue offering in-person classroom
instruction at the Freedom Center for the fall Trimester of 2022.  All class content, assignments and other
associated material are accessible through the Canvas online system.

The FBC “Certificate of Biblical Ministry” is given to all students that have completed 25 class units that satisfy the school’s ministry program (see the school catalog for details.) Our goal is that every student would graduate all three semesters in 12 months. This certification is not directly
transferable for credit degree completion at outside institutions, but FBC maintains a relationship with
LIFE Pacific University (San Dimas, California) and The Western Ministry Institute (Foursquare Western

Tuition and Fees

Credit student tuition

  • Full year           $1500.00
  • Installments*

Fall (8.5 units)  472.00

Winter (9 units)  500 .00

Spring (9.5 units)   528 .00

*Payments can be divided into 2-3 payments over the trimester


8:30a, 10:00a, & 11:30a PST